Pre/Postnatal Services & Team



As founder and director of CRISFORD & CO, Deb Crisford brings over fifteen years of experience to families in NYC. With a sharp eye for the right match and a unique understanding for a family's individual needs, Deb believes that the right nanny should not only work wonderfully with the kids but with the parents as well, providing clear lines of communication and support. Having the right addition to your family is key to maintaining a healthy and happy home life.

  Natalie Gentile  Baby Gear Expert

Natalie Gentile
Baby Gear Expert

  Patrice Davis  Lactation Consultant

Patrice Davis
Lactation Consultant

   Lucie Mitchell    Cranial-Sacral Therapist

Lucie Mitchell
Cranial-Sacral Therapist

  Caprice Abowitt  Pre/Post Yoga Instructor

Caprice Abowitt
Pre/Post Yoga Instructor

The comfort you feel when the right person is caring for your children is priceless, and our memories of childhood last forever.

If you require additional services, we will gladly be able to help you upon request. 

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