Personal Trainer

After a discussion about fitness history and past and/or present injuries, a client should expect to do an assessment so there is a thorough understanding of the client’s physical body. The assessment will be conducted by simple tests of strength, flexibility, alignment, and endurance. 

Once the assessment is over and there is a general idea of where the body is in terms of level and ability, likes and dislikes can be discussed. There are many variations of physical fitness and everyone has different preferences of movement and style. Each session is catered directly to the client, based on what exercises they enjoy and find most helpful, and also considering their personal goals.

Personal goals are an important factor to discuss when determining a plan for Personal Training. Having a goal helps the trainer to create an overall picture and timeline for the future. The key to successful Personal Training is being sure the client is safe, feeling comfortable with the workouts, seeing physical improvement, and most importantly, finding enjoyment in physical exercise."