Every person can benefit from seeing a nutritionist and learning to feed their family healthily.  It is particularly important to see a nutritionist if you believe your child has an issue with food.

The job of a nutritionist is to help you identify and eliminate any health issues that your child is experiencing by recognizing symptoms.  If they believe your child needs further testing or help, a nutritionist will refer you to other complementary practitioners.

Nutritionists can help you detect food sensitivities/allergies or nutritional deficiencies, and then assist you in devising a plan to change your child’s diet. If you determine the foods to which your child reacts and your findings include one of the major food groups, such as dairy and/or wheat, you might ask yourself, “What can I feed my child?” A Nutritionist will teach you exactly what you can feed your child, what the alternatives are, and will ensure that your child does not miss out on any important nutrients. They can also supply recipes and books to assist you.

Nutritionists are able to assist with the nutritional needs of nursing mothers, or mothers simply endeavoring to improve on their own and their family's overall health.