Meet Lucie

I was first introduced to CST when my son was born. It was an amazing experience to see my little boy completely align and quite literally open up before my eyes. After 20 years as a yoga teacher I felt it was the right step for my career to follow. I have been practicing Craniosacral therapy (CST) for six years now in NY, London and France after completing my training here in NY with Roger Gilchrist.

CST is a hands on therapy that works with the celebral spinal fluid to find natural alignment in the spine and cranium in order to remove blocks or imbalances that compromise our health.

CST benefits a wide variety of problems from arthritis, back pain, dental problems, exhaustion, immune disorder, post-op conditions, sports injury and many more.

CST is extremely effective with children and newborn babies, as the cranium of a baby goes through dramatic changes during birth. CST is completely safe as there is never any forcing from outside pressure, it is very gentle and respectful of each individuals needs. I have only had positive results from treating conditions such as: colic, sleep disorder , feeding issues and favouring one side.