Meet Ali

Always a dedicated Pilates student, I turned my passion into a career when I left the New York fashion scene to study at the Pilates International Academy on 5th ( I see a full range of populations -from the young and fit to the elderly, as well as clients with specific rehabilitation needs. Working exclusively one-on-one with clients, I believe in creating a personalized program, carefully addressing individual needs.

Working specifically with prenatal clients I develop a program that changes throughout their 3 trimesters as their bodies do, whilst also preparing them physically for the birth of their beautiful babies and the important post partum period. After the birth I work to help clients regain their strength - with specific focus initially on Diastasis rehab and finding their pelvic floor again. As I have just gone through this experience myself - I have first hand knowledge of the challenges and strain childbearing has on your body and what an important role Pilates plays in developing and maintaining strength and endurance during this time in a woman’s life.

Hailing from the “land down under” I have an easy going nature but still constantly challenge my clients and believe the results they achieve are a fantastic reward for their hard work and dedication – a feeling I love to share with my them as they realize their physical goals. I enjoy developing a good rapport with my clients and care deeply about their well being and how Pilates can play a positive part in their lives.

Certification - Pilates International Academy (Pilates on 5th) – 500+ Hours Mat, Reformer, Chair, Cadillac, Barrel
Continuing Education - FAMI 2012, Pre/Post Natal specialization, Scoliosis, Sacrum and Hip
Differentiation, Elderly & Aged Care, Foot and Gait workshop, Manual release and muscle work (Myofascial release).